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Parents' Thoughts

Choosing the right school for your child is a huge decision, and one that many parents agonise over.  If you're thinking of sending your son or daughter to Derby Grammar School, you may be interested in hearing what some of our current parents think about the School and why they decided that Derby Grammar School was the right choice for their family...

"Both of my sons have benefited greatly from the positive peer encouragement that they have experienced at DGS. It is "cool" to do well, achieve your best academically and find that one thing that makes you sparkle. This might be drama, music, poetry, design, art, archery, recycling, charity work, debating, chess, Duke Of Edinburgh, Young Enterprise, sport, book reviews - the opportunities are endless and the support the boys have had from their peers and teachers has been immense.
As a parent, you work in partnership with the school to give your child the best, well-rounded start in life. Making friends with other parents and getting involved in activities at DGS is also always very easy. The school is as welcoming to parents as it is to pupils."

"Following a move back to the UK from Spain, my son started at a local state junior school but he was very unhappy there.  We had always considered independent education, but it was something that we were thinking of pursuing at secondary level until the situation forced us to look for alternative options earlier on.  We wanted him to be somewhere that would suit him and make him happy, and that's exactly what Derby Grammar Junior School did!  The size of the School and the fact that he will stay with the same group throughout his time there is very important to us as it provides security and continuity.  Everyone knows everyone and the pupils are treated as individuals.  He's very happy, settled and is doing well at Derby Grammar School."

"Our son moved from another independent school where there were very few boys.  He visited Derby Grammar School for a taster day and there was no going back!  He had a fantastic day and talked about it non-stop afterwards.  On his first real day at School, he began to get nervous as we walked up the drive but a Sixth Form pupil walked past us and saw that he was looking upset.  He took him under his wing and escorted him in to School, and that says it all really.  Derby Grammar School is like a big support network.  The older pupils always look out for the junior boys, they're like family."

"We looked at a number of schools but we chose Derby Grammar because it felt like the kind of school that our son, and the rest of the family, would fit in to. They're normal families, similar to our own and the school isn't focused entirely on academic performance but rather a well-rounded development.  The fees are reasonable and the education that is provided is very good.  One of the best things about the School is the personal approach, enabled by its relatively small size. The education provided by Derby Grammar School is tailored to fit the needs of the individual child."

"Our sons joined Derby Grammar School in Years 3 and 4 from a small village primary school.  We felt that they were not fulfilling their potential at school and we had a feeling that there was some kind of problem with our eldest son but our concerns were being brushed off.  Within the first term at Derby Grammar School his learning problems were recognised and he was given the help that he needed.  They are both treated as individuals and are given the support, attention and encouragement that they need to be the best they can be - and that doesn't necessarily mean academic excellence.  They're now in Years 11 and 12 and we're 100% sure that we made the right decision when we moved to Derby Grammar School.  It has made a tremendous difference to their lives and will certainly influence their futures."  

"Having been to a boarding school myself I wanted the same for my sons, but my wife was adamant that they would go to state schools.  They both started at a large local primary but they were almost invisible.  They would have coasted through, but we wanted their education to help them to realise their potential, whatever that may be.   My wife would never agree to send them to boarding school so Derby Grammar was an excellent compromise - it has all the trappings of a boarding school but with the benefits of plenty of family time too.  When we made the move to Derby Grammar School we noticed an immediate difference in the boys.  It was definitely the right choice for our family."

"We moved to Derby from London and fell in love with the house, but it was in a poor catchment area.  Although we hadn't really thought about independent education before, it made sense financially to invest in our children's education rather than spending a lot more on a property in a different area... and solicitors fees... and moving costs... it all adds up and before you know it you could have paid for several years' education in an independent school.   The size and the friendliness of the school helped to make the decision for us.  My son is in the Junior School and the pastoral care is excellent, but the phrase that really sold the school to me was 'we know how to teach boys'!"

Some of our current parents have kindly offered to provide their contact details to prospective parents who would like some further information about the school from a parent's perspective.  Please contact our Admissions Secretary, Louise Slater Blackwall, who will happily provide you with these details.  Call 01332 510030 or email