There was great excitement in the Hall this morning as the Senior School gathered to watch the final of the House Debating Competition between Bemrose and Derby.

With the motion of whether Theresa May is right in calling a snap general election, the Derby team of Marcus Latham and James Cochrane presented the case ‘for’. Sean Pearce and Henry Brownsey of Bemrose argued ‘against’. Alex Dickenson chaired the debate.

The debate was certainly challenging at times. Both teams put in a sterling performance with Derby emerging as victors. The lively and humorous performance of Sean at the debating table was particularly praised by the judges.

Heats have taken place all week debating the amount spent on international aid; should 12 year olds spend more than 60 minutes on the internet each day; and whether there should be a tax on sugary drinks.

Mr Watson, House Master for Derby and organiser of the debating competition, said: “All of our teams have put in excellent performances this week. We recognise the huge amount of preparation each team has undertaken in formulating their arguments. All were well-developed and delivered clearly and concisely.”