Derby Grammar School student, Sean Pearce, has won first prize in the ISA Sixth Form Essay Competition 2017.

With a fascinating piece titled Language as a Tool of Oppression, Sean examines how politicians use language, and how oratory is manipulated to suit a situation. A very topical subject in the run up to the UK general election.

John Goddard, category judge said: “There was a breadth and scope to this essay that was admirable. In particular I enjoyed Sean’s timely examination of Orwell’s writing, not only in the well-worn paths of Nineteen Eighty-Four but also his all too often neglected essay Politics of the English Language.

But by referencing Private Eye, military discourse, the legal system, Chinese logograms and contemporary US politics this essay allows us to consider and explore how Orwell’s observations still resonate today.”

Sean said: “Winning this prize means a lot to me. It is easy to forget the vast and complex role that language plays not only in how we view the world, but also in how our leaders influence us.”

The ISA competition is run annually by the Independent Schools Association. It consists of four categories, for pupils aged 10 to 18.

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