On Sunday 18 June eight boys from Derby Grammar Junior School headed off to Ripley School to take part in the annual Rolls Royce Design Challenge.

We have entered the competition for a number of years, and this year had two teams competing.

Team 1 was Rahul, Luke, Daniel and Karan. Team 2 was Matthew, Leo, Lucas and Oliver.

This year’s challenge was to build a Siege Engine. Both teams had spent time in the previous two weeks with Mr Lakritz talking through siege engines and discussing designs, as well as trialling the making of a trebuchets, one form of siege engine.

On the day, the teams were given money in the form of guineas and had to pay for all the materials they needed as well as tool hire and services such as having holes drilled. They were marked on their designs, their ability to work as a team, staying within budget, making their accounts add up and finally, for their siege engine to actually work.

Team 1’s siege engine missile travelled the furthest distance, seven metres. However, Team 2, although only achieving 5.8 metres came second overall in the Sunday competition.

Organised by Rolls Royce, the challenge aims to give children a taste of design and hands-on engineering to encourage them to start to think about engineering as a potential career.