Over the summer Derby Grammar School Sixth Former, Natalie Wood, spent two weeks in Malawi volunteering on the Chicken Project in conjunction with Noble Foods.

The Chicken Project provides Malawian schools with chickens so that their pupils can look after them. Its aim is to give the children responsibility and make them aware of their actions and impacts on others.

As part of the project Natalie visited five different schools over a two week period. She was involved in teaching lessons at the schools and helping children read in English. A new library was opened at one school which was funded by Noble Foods, and at another she was also involved in a construction work.

They were building a new teaching block so that the school could expand from being just primary to being able to offer secondary education as well. Natalie got stuck in to making building blocks and digging foundations amongst other things.

Natalie said: “I really enjoyed the Chicken Project. I didn’t realise how poor the families would be and how little they have over there. It really made me appreciate what I have. At some schools the children didn’t even have clothes, just rags.

It has given me a real taste for volunteering and I am definitely going to get involved again next year on the same project.”