Adam is Charities Prefect in Junior School this year and one of his first ideas is proving a rip-roaring success.

Having grown his pumpkins at home, Adam decided he would put them to good use and raise money at the same time. He has been running the Pumpkin Challenge in school, where pupils and staff are invited to pay money to guess the weight of three pumpkins.

Adam said: “I’ve got lots of ideas for fundraising, this is just the first. We have a wheelbarrow full of pumpkins at home so I thought it would be a good idea to use them to raise money.”

The weight sheet was full of names and the big weigh-in took place on Friday afternoon. The lucky winners are Tom (1st), Hardi (2nd) and Jay (3rd). Each wins a bag jam-packed full of chocolate, also supplied by Adam.

Money raised, which is over £100, is to be split between the PTA and the Tanzania Project.