Derby Grammar School is once again supporting YMCA Derbyshire in their appeal to create a shoebox filled with items for each resident to receive on Christmas Day.

Many of the residents find themselves homeless through personal circumstances that were out of their control, and a lot of them are not much older than our sixth form pupils. From the amazing responses received last year, it was clear that the shoe boxes were often the only present some residents received.

We are aiming to create 100 boxes (1/3 female and 2/3 male). Everyday items for personal hygiene are always welcome, and small gifts, such as chocolate, are gratefully received as something more personal.

We suggest that a typical box includes items such as: deodorant, shower gel or soap, shampoo, a toothbrush and paste, shaving foam, gloves, hat, socks, a scarf (preferably thermal), chocolate or sweets, a pen and notepad, a wind-up torch, hot chocolate sachets, playing cards or small games. The list is endless!

If you are able to support our appeal, please bring empty shoe boxes, items or completed boxes to School by Friday 8th December. Your generous contribution will make someone’s Christmas a little more bearable.

YMCA Shoebox Appeal
Year 9 pupils Ryan, Ethan and Jack with empty boxes we’re waiting to fill.