Thomas and Ted are winners! After a tense few weeks the winners of Derby Grammar Junior School House Art competition were announced in assembly this week.

House Art is an annual competition which is based around a specific theme. This year the theme was set by Chester, Junior School Art Prefect, and it was Global Warming.

The boys worked on their entries over the October half term holidays, bringing their works of art back in to school for the judging. Ms Sellors, Head of Creative Arts, judged the two categories for Years 3 and 4, and Years 5 and 6.

She said: “This year’s entries were so creative. I could tell that each boy had really thought long and hard about their idea and how they were going to execute it. It was good to see such a variety of different media used, from painting to sculpture and digital.”

In the Years 3 and 4 category, Alex was third, Kian second, and the winner was Ted with his piece entitled The Tortured Earth.

In the Years 5 and 6 category, third place was awarded to Roj, second to Ahmad and the winner was Thomas. His piece is a time-lapse video representing the icecaps melting, water levels rising and the effect on small islands. He built his own sea and island model to represent this and then filmed ice melting within it.

Thomas said: “I had an iPad for my birthday and wanted to combine the project with using it. It took an hour to record the time-lapse, then I recorded myself playing the piano and edited this together with the time-lapse video.

I was hoping for a podium place with my entry, but feel ecstatic to have actually won. In fact, I had to ask my friend to pinch me as I couldn’t believe it.”

Year 3 and 4

Year 5 and 6

Watch Thomas’s video…