There’s always something interesting going on in Ms Sellors’ art and design class. Today Year 8 are making ModRoc masks as part of their lesson.

Art and design classes enable pupils to experience all types of mediums. ModRoc is a fine gauze material impregnated with quick drying plaster which is ideal for mask making. Year 8 have been working on their mask designs in their lessons up until now – there are all sorts of characters planned, from tribal and music masks, to dragons.

Now the class are creating their masks which involves dipping the plaster strip in water (luckily it’s warm water!), layering the ModRoc on the face and making sure the strips of plaster overlap and that all joins are smoothed out. Three layers should be strong enough to create a mask that can then be decorated.

Ms Sellors, Head of Creative Arts, said: “I like to use all types of different mediums in my art classes, from painting and drawing, through to sessions like this which use ModRoc and even through to digital media. The mask-making task, whilst being fun, also develops teamwork skills as the boys have to work in pairs and trust one another to create the ideal mask.”

Once created the class will be moving on to bring their character to life as they transfer their designs on to each mask.