When Derby Grammar School’s stage microphones needed replacing in time for their production of Snow White, pupil Elliot Butterworth turned to the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) for support. Now the school has a set of eight up-to-date, headworn, wireless mics which result in a clear, professional sound, perfect for on-stage productions.

Elliot, 17, has a background in performing at the School and now leads on sound for all stage productions. He said: “We have a magnificent stage at School, but sound quality was being let down by old lapel mics which often picked up rustling, or didn’t pick up the voice at all if it was clipped a distance from the mouth.

I had investigated the options available and decided that headworn mics would be the best solution. But at a cost of £550 we were stumped at how to fund them. Luckily the PTA stepped in.”

Caroline Euston, Chair of the PTA, added: “We are a busy PTA holding lots of functions throughout the year to raise money that can be ploughed back in to School to support projects such as this. Elliot wrote a comprehensive bid and presented it to the PTA committee. We were delighted to be able to support the purchase.”

The microphones arrived just in time to be used for the School’s December pantomime performances of Snow White.

Elliot said: “It was great to be able to manage the sound production using much better microphones. It was easier to manage from a sound management perspective, but importantly offered a much better experience for our audience.”