Junior School read lots of books and, as confident readers, once they’ve read one they complete a task from their reading record. Jai’s latest reading record task has astounded Head of Junior School, Mrs Sly.

A reading record encourages independent reading, as well as a desire and interest in reading. At Derby Grammar Junior School pupils complete a task of their choice, from a selection of 30, after they have read a book. The task demonstrates the pupil’s comprehension of the book.

Jai has just finished My Brother’s Hot Cross Bottom by Jeremy Strong. He decided to pick the ‘True and False Quiz’ task from his reading record. But creating a written traditional quiz felt a bit too mundane to him, so he’s created a True and False game.

His game includes a set of rules, a bank of questions and a True and False die. The questions in the game relate to things that have happened in the book.

Jai said: “It took me two days to create the game and put it all together. I have really enjoyed working it all out.”

Mrs Sly, Head of Derby Grammar Junior School said: “I am so impressed by the thought that Jai has put in to this task. It’s so unusual and unique – but then, I can always rely on Jai to produce something out of the ordinary!”