Derby Grammar School’s sports equipment has received a boost with new equipment for indoor cricket practice and gymnastics funded by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

Gymnastics is a core part of the Junior School PE curriculum. It focuses on balance, rotation and flight which help the boys to develop life-long physical literacy skills, fundamental movements and body awareness – all of which are vitally important for their overall sporting development and confidence.

The introduction of over £1000 worth of gym apparatus has enabled the School to further excite and challenge the boys as they develop their skills. The equipment includes agility tables, benches and a linking beam.

Indoor cricket practice sessions have also taken a step forward as the PTA has funded the purchase of a mains adaptor which enables the existing bowling machine to be used indoors. Delivering consistent feeds of up to 80mph, the machine is capable of bowling both short and full pitched balls, which mean our cricketers can practise a variety of shots in readiness for the 2018 season.

Both sets of equipment are now in use at Rykneld Sports Centre, Derby Grammar School’s multifunctional sports complex.

Nich was one of the first Junior School boys using the new gymnastics equipment. He said: “I loved all of the new equipment. My favourite was the balance beam. When I landed I felt like a gymnast.”

Caroline Euston, Chair of Derby Grammar School PTA added: “We receive a lot of support for our fund-raising events at the School and it is heart-warming to see the money raised reinvested into equipment which the pupils enjoy so much.”

New Gym Equipment