What’s the best way to get your Year 6 class of 10 year olds engaged in product design? Mrs Genders at Derby Grammar Junior School has the answer – set them the task of designing and launching the most delicious biscuit in the world!

As part of the design and technology topic this year the class split into teams to research, develop and design their product, and then pitch their product to a panel of judges.

The topic started with lots of taste-testing of current biscuits to see which flavours and textures were the most popular. Unsurprisingly, this was a very popular activity. It was followed up by each team designing their own biscuit questionnaire and surveying classmates and teachers.

They then analysed their results and incorporated this into the development of their ultimate biscuit recipe, before moving on to pricing. The final task was for each team to prepare their pitch for the judges.

The judging panel comprised Head of Junior School, Mrs Sly, and teaching assistant, Miss Devine. The winning team was Street Dawgz which consisted of Jay and Christopher who created the biscuit Pawsome Pugs. The judges scored the biscuit 9 out of 10 for taste, and commended their presentation.

Jay said: “We both love dogs and wanted to create a biscuit for dog-lovers. Our research told us that people like chocolate biscuits the best so we added coca powder to our mixture. We made the biscuit in School with help from my dad and Chris’s mum.”

Chris added: “It was a bit tricky at first doing the sums for the profit. We were quite nervous about having to do the presentation. The day before we FaceTimed each other to go over our slides. We didn’t expect to win, but when we found out we have we were really pleased.”

Mrs Genders said: “We have had so much fun in class with this topic. Biscuits are always close to a boy’s heart, so they were ideal to inspire the class to think not just about what the biscuit looks and tastes like, but also the best way to price to generate a profit and ensure maximum sales.”