Year 9 are studying Romeo and Juliet in their English class this term. This week they’ve been acting out Act 3, Scene 5 under the watchful eye of Mrs Watson, Head of English.

In this scene Juliet is told by her father that she is to marry Paris. As she has already secretly married Romeo she cannot do this and so has to defy her father. The boys have adapted the scene to the modern day and in groups of three are acting it out in front of the rest of the class.

Mrs Watson says: “I am really impressed with the effort the boys have put in to their scenes. They effectively created and sustained believable roles, adapting their voice and body language to suit the character they were playing.

Some of the performances were particularly passionate. It is fantastic to see young people embracing Shakespeare in this way.”

James said: “We modernized the scene by using modern language and also used a freeze frame with a hotseat to add some background detail to the characters.”

Sami added: “Acting out the scene really helped my understanding as it showed us the emotions and feelings that the characters felt.”