Mrs Charnock’s Year 8 class had a maths lesson with a twist last week. They worked in pairs and used percentages to solve a murder mystery.

The class have been focusing on the use of multipliers when calculating percentages. The murder mystery task tests their learning as they work to identify who the victim is, who the murderer is, when it took place, why and where.

Once the first challenge was completed of getting the boys to read the instructions and work out their answers quietly so as not to give the game away to others, a quiet calm descended on the classroom tinged with a competitive edge. Afterall, the prize for the winning team was chocolate!

Mrs Charnock said: “Activities like this really bring the subject to life. They show the value of maths and how it can be applied to all sorts of situations. The pupils have fun with these challenges and relish working as a team to see who can solve the questions first.

I really enjoy seeing them having some fun with maths, and am pleased to see how well they are applying multipliers to solve these questions.”

Jeff and James emerged triumphant as the first team to correctly answer all five sections.