January’s Junior School Achievement Assembly took place on Friday 26 January, which was also the day of our Bring and Buy Sale, so the boys were dressed down ready to man their stalls in the afternoon.

Mrs Sly always begins Achievement Assembly with a quote. This month she was inspired by an Oscar Wilde quote brought to her by Y6 pupil Ollie: “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” She explained how this struck a chord with her – that it’s experiences make us live a bit more.

As always, the first achievements recognised in assembly are for activities taking place outside of school. Congratulations to Ollie who has achieved his new green/blue belt for Taekwondo, Sam who has passed his Grade 1 Cello examination and Jai who has earned a ‘man of the match’ award from his football club for his outstanding contribution and exemplary performance in a match in January.

Moving on to achievements within school, Ollie and Chester were delighted to achieve their pen licences and we had seven boys on stage to collect their LAMDA certificates for examinations taken in December.

Subject certificates were awarded to pupils for their achievements in Weather and the World (Geography, Y3), Rivers (Geography, Y6), Rainforest (Geography Y4), Abacus 2 (Maths, Y6), Buddhism (RS, Y6) and in Nessy activities across all years.

Achievement Assembly finished with a review of the Honour Points race. It’s all very close. Bemrose are just in the lead with Derby as a close second.