Derby Grammar School Junior School pupil Adam has gone the extra mile in completing his reading record task.

He enjoyed David Walliam’s book Boy In A Dress so much, he decided to put his all in to creating an astounding piece of work based upon the book to bring back in to School and share with his teachers.

Junior School read lots of books and, as confident readers, once they’ve read a book they complete a task from their reading record. The reading record encourages independent reading, as well as a desire and interest in reading. Pupils complete a task of their choice, from a selection of 30. The task demonstrates their comprehension of the book.

Adam chose to complete the task ‘list the characters from the book and draw a picture of each.’ He spent two weekends creating a beautifully presented piece of work with detailed drawings of the five main characters and a short synopsis on each.

Mrs Sly, Head of Junior School, said: “Adam has gone the extra mile with this task. Not only are his pictures beautifully drawn, but he has written a short piece on each of the characters, aswell as a concluding piece.

His writing is neat, grammatically correct and his summaries of each character are spot on. I’m very impressed with what Adam has achieved.”

Adam’s work was recognised in January’s Junior School Achievement Assembly.

Achievement Assembly
Adam with his reading record task