Year 6 pupil Tomás is Junior School’s Sports Prefect and this morning (Wednesday) has spoken to the whole of Junior School at Assembly about “Keeping our muscles and body healthy”.

His Assembly has focused on the importance of warming up and stretching before exercise, and warming down and stretching after exercise. This was explained in part through a video interview he had recorded with an Osteopath about why this is so important and what damage it can lead to, both now and in later life, if five minutes isn’t spent preparing our body for exercise.

In another video clip Tomás had prepared, a personal trainer demonstrated some simple warm-up techniques. Junior School all got out of their seats and followed the exercises on the screen.

Tomás said: “I’ve damaged some muscles when exercising. It can be painful and take a while to recover so I wanted to make sure nobody else went through this.

The Assembly has taken me three weekends to prepare. I wasn’t nervous today when I talked to everyone. I really enjoyed it, I think I’d like to do it again.”

Mrs Sly, Head of Derby Grammar Junior School, said: “Tomás presented the assembly clearly and confidently. He had thoroughly researched his subject and included video interviews with experts. He kept the pupils interest throughout. It was a very informative assembly and I was very impressed with his confidence, knowledge and how he handled it.”