Derby Grammar School’s House Drama Competition took place on Wednesday evening (Jan 31). This year the theme was ‘Comedy Sketches’.

The House Drama competition is an eagerly anticipated event, hotly contested by the four Houses. Over the years a variety of literary masterpieces have been showcased, from Shakespeare to Ian Fleming. This year it was decided to do something a little different and focus on comedy.

And what an hilarious evening it proved to be. With outstanding performances, immaculate timing, strong characters and excellent use of the stage and props, the judge definitely had her work cut out to choose a winner.

Scenes were acted from Fry and Laurie, the Two Ronnies, Goodness Gracious Me and Monty Python, amongst others. There were many stand-out moments during the evening, but the Asian Parents, the Four Yorkshiremen, Freya in Fry and Laurie’s ‘You’re Fired’ sketch, Tom playing a love-smitten Angela Merkel and Elliot’s word-perfect delivery of the Two Ronnies’ Rhyming Slang Sermon were definitely memorable.

The task of judging fell to Hayley Simpson, the LAMDA teacher at Derby Grammar School. She said: “Comedy is very difficult to pull off. It’s all about being clear, your timing and keeping a straight face while the audience is laughing.

All the performances this evening were amazing. I have really enjoyed it, and recognise the amount of hard work and rehearsing everyone has put in to deliver such slick routines.

I was particularly impressed by Sam’s walk as the Minister of Silly Walks!”

But ultimately there can only be one winner and this year Bemrose House were triumphant, the trophy being received by House Captain, Ollie Rushman. Sean Pearce, also of Bemrose, was named as Best Actor.

See the pictures from the evening:

House Drama 2018

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