Derby Grammar Junior School’s Year 4’s English topic on descriptive writing has wowed parents at the Class Assembly which took place on Friday 9 March, as two pieces of class work have resulted in a stage performance!

Mrs Jackson’s eager class of 8 and 9 year olds have been using what they have learnt to describe aliens and planets. All of the ideas were combined and each boy wrote an outer-space adventure story.

They then read them all out as a class and everyone voted on their two favourites. The winners were Spencer’s “Spencer the Star Warrior” and Benedict’s “Barry Crotter’s Last Mission”.

The boys then used their knowledge from studying playscripts in the Autumn term to change the stories into scripts that could be performed at today’s assembly.

Benny and Spencer took the lead role in each of their plays, and were ably supported by a talented group of actors and narrators from Year 4.

Benny said: “I was inspired to name my character Barry Crotter after visiting Harry Potter World as the names are similar. The parts I liked best in acting out my story were zapping the humanoid and falling over on stage.”

Spencer added: “I wanted to make sure my character could travel all over outer space rather than just staying on one planet. I knew most of the lines but there was a tongue-twister I struggled over.

My favourite part in the play was using my supermutt meter which I had made with Mrs Jackson out of two highlighter pens.”

Year 12 student, James, has been helping the Year 4 boys with their writing each week this term. He said: “I am impressed with how hard they have worked and how brilliantly they have improved their writing.”

Mrs Jackson, Year 4’s teacher added: “We’ve been learning all about taking ideas, good words and phrases to improve our writing in English.

The boys have really impressed me with their stories. We have used the Chromebooks for the writing which further engaged the boys, and seems to have resulted in even better writing than usual.

They acted out their parts perfectly and spoke very clearly at this morning’s assembly. I am very proud of them all.”