Junior School have impressed their teachers yet again this month with their achievements inside and outside of school. This month we’ve heard about football awards, excellence in maths, music, outstanding topic work, and even one of our Year 5 pupils driving a Ferarri!

Ted, Tom, Sam and Harjan all told us about their achievements in football, from awards for skills getting through to the finals, and Harjan’s award from SoccerStars for the best attitude.

Daniel from Year 3 very proudly told us about his Chief Scouts Bronze Award, which is the top award for Beavers and shows he has gained skills, worked in a team and completed all of his badges.

We celebrated Hadi and Roj’s achievement in the second round of the Primary Maths Challenge. It’s a very tough competition which really tests maths skills, and Mrs Sly, Head of Junior School, explained how proud she was of them making it through. They both performed extremely well, with Hadi achieving a bronze certificate.

Other work commended during the month was Will’s project on the Greek gods. The Year 6 topic on Ancient Greece last term culminated in an end of topic project to research and write about six gods. Will submitted an incredible piece of work that impressed both his teacher, Mrs Genders, and Mrs Sly.

And the subject achievement awards were as prolific as ever. These awards are not only awarded for good scores in a subject, but also for skills such as organisation and presentation. Year 5 swept the board this month!

Our pupils who recently passed their LAMDA speech and drama exams were congratulated and we celebrated everyone from Junior School who has recently taken part in the Derby Arts Festival. They are all winners to us, but special mention must go to Dhruv and Benny who came third in their class, and Omer who won his.

Honour point certificates were awarded across all years. George has gained his Olympic Honour Point award, which means he’s collected over 250 Honour points for great work, effort and behaviour since the start of the academic year. He’s the first Junior School boy to achieve an Olympic award this year.

Mrs Reynolds came along to Achievement Assembly. She said: “this morning’s assembly has yet again astounded me. We have so many boys who are not only eager to learn, but to try their hand at all sorts of sports and activities. Their enthusiasm for everything they do is infectious and hearing of their achievements is always a great start to the day.”

And what about the Ferrari? Eisah told us how he headed off to the race track expecting a ride in a Ferrari, but when he got there was told he was going to be the driver! He spent 20 minutes in the car careering around the track, with an instructor, sitting on a cushion so he could see above the steering wheel.