It’s been a busy few weeks in Design and Technology as our GCSE students complete their final assessed project piece ready for submission towards their GCSE grade. Counting towards 60% of their GCSE mark, the final product is the result of months of hard work.

The examining body provide a choice of themes for the design and make task, from which the eight boys chose a theme. Design work covered the identification and investigation of design possibilities, producing a design brief and specification and then the generation and development of their design ideas before actually creating their product. The final stage was the analysis and evaluation of the finished product.

The students have created a variety of products, from children’s toys through to storage systems and even a Bluetooth MP3 player.

Vinay has developed a gadget tidy. He said: “I chose the storage theme, and having conducted research I felt that a gadget tidy would be of use to today’s family. I came up with three development drawings, and following further research I’ve created my final design which is made out of plywood.”

Alex is considering a future career in engineering. He has created a portable, Bluetooth MP3 player which also charges your phone. He said: “I decided to make this product as I thought it would be challenging, but also that the end result would be good. It meant I could work with different materials, and develop circuits.

The hardest part was ensuring that the front and back acrylic panels fitted in to the body of the product. For this I had to create quite a few templates and do alot of testing. The finished product works well and I’m really happy with it.”

Mr Lakritz, Head of Design and Technology, said: “This is the first year of Resistant Materials GCSE specification and I am really impressed not only with what the boys have produced, but in watching their research, design and development process.

DT at Derby Grammar School is a popular subject, and exam pieces such as these inspire our younger pupils to develop their own ideas and explore their own creativity.

Many of our GCSE and A Level DT students go on to study engineering at university and forge successful careers in both engineering and product design.”