Year 3 have been out investigating the local area around the school site of Rykneld Hall to examine how land use has changed over the years. The walk is part of the Geography topic of ‘Our Local Area’ which encourages the boys to look at how the land around school is being used.

Our school is known nowadays as Rykneld Hall, but when originally built back in c.1790 it was called The Pastures. Year 3 have already looked at old photographs and books about The Pastures and compared maps from 1882, 1938, 1967 and the present day to see the changes in land use that have occurred.

Mrs Monk said: “Now we’ve seen from the maps what has changed, I want the boys to see for themselves what the land (which used to be fields) has on it, and to think about why the various buildings are there.

We have taken a circular route around Heatherton, skirting the bottom of the school fields. It’s fascinating to see if the boys realise where they are at that point!”