Mrs Reynolds hosted this morning’s assembly for Years 7, 8 and 9 which was dedicated to celebrating the latest awards and achievements or our pupils.

Commendations are awarded to any pupil who demonstrates they have made exceptional effort in whatever they have done, whether it be curricular or extra-curricular.

A Bronze certificate is awarded to pupils achieving 25 commendations. This morning we awarded 12 of these. Four pupils received a Silver certificate, which is awarded for achieving 50 commendations. And Rohail, Andreas and Amrit all received a Gold certificate for gaining 75 commendations.

The focus then changed to our pupils’ recent success in the UK Maths Trust challenges. This is a national competition and we take part in the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Challenge competitions. The level is usually determined by pupil age.

27 pupils took part in the Junior Maths Challenge. William was awarded a Gold certificate as well as Best in Year and Best in School. He also took part in the Junior Maths Olympiad – an elite national competition for the highest scorers. James was also awarded a Gold certificate and also took part in the Junior Kangaroo competition for high scorers.

Jeffrey gained a Gold certificate and three pupils were awarded Silver (Jack, Ryan and Sebastian). Four were awarded Bronze – Ethan, Alfred, Luqman and Luke.

Our team of four took part in the Junior Maths Challenge regional round where they came second. Congratulations to Jack, Owen, William and James.

Owen is a Year 9 pupil, but this year also took part in the Intermediate Maths Challenge competition, usually for pupils who are studying for their Maths GCSE. He not only achieved a Gold certificate, but was also Best in Year and Best in School, and he took part in the Intermediate Kangaroo competition.

Mrs Reynolds finished the assembly by speaking about Professor Stephen Hawking, for whom a service of thanksgiving takes place at Westminster Abbey today. He was a truly inspirational mathematician and physicist and a figure for our pupils to aspire to.