Derby Grammar Junior School loves taking part in the Sumdog competition, and in the latest Derby City round our Year 3 and 4 entrants have scored top marks, which means they are winners!

Sumdog is a regular UK maths challenge which is aligned to the national curriculum and is designed to motivate all pupils to learn and achieve. 35 classes from all over Derby City took part in the latest round, with classes from Years 3 to 6 as well as Years 7 and 8.

Our combined group of Year 3 and 4 pupils came first, which wins us a free 6 month subscription to Sumdog, and our Year 5 group came fifth.

Anish is in Year 4 and he came top of everyone who entered from Derby Grammar School, and second in the Derby City competition, out of 458 entrants. He scored an amazing 968 out of 1000.

He said: “It takes a long time to answer 1000 questions, I didn’t do them all in one go. Some of the questions are games which are fun, like Rollercoaster 3D where you have to answer five questions as part of a task and collect gems.

I felt really proud of myself when I found out the results, and my family were impressed too. I’d looked at the leaderboard 30 minutes before the end and saw I was in second place but didn’t think I’d still be there when the competition closed. When I looked the next morning with Mrs Jackson I was still in second – I was so happy.

Mrs Jackson, Year 4 teacher and maths lead for Junior School, said: “The boys love taking part in this competition. They do it online in their own time and we definitely see their competitive edge come out!

But what is most rewarding for us as teachers is seeing how activities like this make a difference in the classroom. We see real improvement in mathematical ability – and the huge smiles on their faces when they see where they’ve come in the individual rankings table is priceless.”


Placing out of 458 Name Year Group Score out of 1000
2nd Anish 4 968
7th Dhruv 5 938
8th Daniel 3 935
9th Krishan 5 931
10th Tom 4 929
11th James 3 928
12th Nicholas 4 924
13th Shivam 5 924
21st Kian 3 864
22nd Harjan 4 856
32nd Musa 3 743
34th Reehan 4 720
39th Alex 4 644
47th Spencer 4 584