Our Year 12 Geographers have got their new A Level study off to a flying start with a three day fieldtrip to the North Yorkshire coast.

Heading off bright and early from School, they made their way straight up to Flamborough Head to examine coastal geomorphology, caves, arches and stacks.

Day two saw a focus on human geography and the Changes Places topic which focuses on people’s engagement with places, their experience of them and the qualities they ascribe to them, all of which are of fundamental importance in their lives.After a damp start the group spent a beautiful autumnal day looking at the legacy of tourism in Scarborough, assessing what qualities it has as a place and analysing cultural diversity.

The final day of the fieldtrip was spent in Dalby Forest where they were back to physical geography and the examination of water and carbon cycles. This part of the A Level curriculum focuses on the major stores of water and carbon at or near the Earth’s surface and the dynamic cyclical relationships associated with them. These are major elements in the natural environment and understanding them is fundamental to many aspects of physical geography.

Mr Critchlow, Head of Geography, said: “Fieldtrips are a fundamental part of studying geography. They are vital so that the students can bring what they learn in the classroom to life. As a school we recognise the value of this and ensure that we can take part in such activities on a regular basis.”

Jacob Davies said: “It was a fantastic experience and helped me to visualise my surroundings and bring alive the coastal system and landscapes at Flamborough Head.”

Toby Ganley added: “I expanded my knowledge-base of the water and carbon cycle in the laboratory and this was supported by taking measurements in Dalby Forest.”