Mrs Jackson’s Year 4 class spent the day at Twycross Zoo this week. It’s all part of their rainforests topic so that they can understand more about how animals and vegetation adapt to live successfully in a tropical rainforest environment.

As well as watching and learning about the chimps, orangutans and gorillas, they spent time in the rainforest classroom with the keeper who introduced them to all sorts of animals and insects including a tortoise and a Madagascan hissing cockroach. George was the star of the day as he was able to tell the teacher that cockroaches are detritivores – he’s the only student she has ever had who knew this, and Mrs Jackson was mightily impressed too!

The trip also included the Great Brick Safari which is on at the zoo until January. The safari includes over 70 lifesized Lego brick animals made from nearly 900,000 Lego bricks, and the boys thought it was fantastic.

Srujan said: “My favourite part of the day was seeing the chimps. They were swinging about and sometimes swung in to the viewing panel which gave us all a bit of a shock. I learnt that monkeys have tails and that apes don’t, and that the name of the type of insect that eats poo and dead things is a detritivore.”

Mrs Jackson added: “It is so important to be able to bring the boys to a place like this, it really brings to life what we have learnt in the classroom.

Feeling the heat and humidity of the Butterfly House helped them to imagine what the climate in the rainforest feels like, and we saw for real how animals are suited to living in the different layers of the rainforest.”