Rohail Moazzam has his sights firmly set on taking part in the Tanzania Project when he reaches Sixth Form, but before he gets there he’s doing his bit by selflessly raising money for this worthy cause.

Rohail is in Year 8 and back in October, after two years of collecting gemstones, decided he’d had enough of them. But how could he clear his collection? He decided the best way would be to sell them to friends and family. And not only that, he decided to make Slime and to sell this too.

Retailing at 50 pence for a set of gems and £1 for Slime, Rohail has raised a whopping £71.40. Last week he took it in to Mrs Sly to donate it to the Tanzania Project.

Mrs Sly leads on the Tanzania Project. She said: “When Rohail brought me the money I was absolutely astonished. I was so impressed that someone so young had embraced what the school does with Gedeli B School and without any prompting whatsoever raised this money. We are so grateful to him”

Rohail said: “I wanted to raise money for the Tanzania Project and thought it would be a good idea to sell my gemstones which I don’t want anymore.

I have four more years to wait until I’m in Sixth Form, but I really want to be part of the Tanzania Project.

Mrs Sly was very surprised when I took her the money. I’m not stopping there. Now I’m starting to sell jellybeans so I hope my friends will buy these too.”