Mrs Sly has been busy with Year 5 and Year 6 this week taking them on trips to the Tara Buddhist Centre in Etwall and the Jamia Mosque in Derby as part of their RS topics.

The trips are an integral part of the Religious Studies topic and are arranged through the Open Centre in Derby, which was set up to arrange visits to different faith centres. The Open Centre provide a guide, normally of that religion, and as part of the visit we see the building and talk through some of the beliefs and practices of that religion.

The trip to the Jamia Mosque was part of this, and was led by Nahida. The Year 5 boys have just completed a topic on Muhammad, the founder of Islam, and will continue on to a topic on The Five Pillars of Islam.

Mrs Sly said: “Trips like this really help to cement their learning and to bring the topic to life. Nahida took them to the wudu wash room explaining the washing that needs to happen before worship, then into the main hall which is carpeted with wall to wall prayer mats. We also saw the education room upstairs where young Muslims go for lessons.”

Year 6 are almost at the end of their 10-week topic on Buddhism. Their visit to the Tara Buddhist Centre at Etwall certainly gave them a taste of what being a modern Buddhist means.

They discussed with Paul, a lay Buddhist, the concept of happiness and then meditated for five minutes which was very relaxing – and Yusuf even dropped off to sleep!