Swimming, martial arts, football, swimming and maths – just some of the achievements we celebrated in Junior School in November’s Achievement Assembly.

We began by celebrating achievements out of school: Lukesh proudly showed us his football trophy; Denny explained how he’d been student of the month at his karate club for being so focused in his sport; and Daniel, who we know is a keen swimmer, showed us his latest badge and certificate for swimming 15 metres.

Then Ollie showed us his latest taekwondo grading belt. It’s a blue/red belt, and he’s only three off becoming a black belt. Mrs Sly looked a little scared.

But she looked even more scared when Sam told us of his snorkelling escapades and encountering two of the world’s most dangerous fish on his recent holiday, a Stonefish and a Puffer Fish. We recommend you don’t go snorkelling with Sam!

We then moved on to achievements in school. Alex Hill is a Year 10 pupil who runs the Junior School Minecraft Club along with fellow pupil Rohan Singh. Both have been incredibly impressed by the enthusiasm of Year 5 pupil George who sets up the computers ready for Minecraft on the two days a week it runs, and who helps Alex and Rohan run the club as smoothly as possible. At the Achievement Assembly Alex presented George with a special certificate to acknowledge his efforts.

Ben (Year 3) and George (Year 4) both won prizes for going ‘above and beyond’. George impressed not only his classmates but his teacher and the zookeeper at a recent trip to Twycross by identifying that Alan the Hissing Cockroach is a detritivore. Meanwhile, Year 3 have been learning about dinosaurs and were set homework to research their favourite one. Ben not only completed thorough research, but built a model as well!

Year 6 pupils Shivam and Jonathan were extremely pleased to be awarded their pen licences during the assembly. And there was great excitement as the winners of the Junior School House Art competitions were announced – congratulations to Thomas Miln who won the Years 5 and 6 competition, and to Ted Prime who won the Years 3 and 4 competition.

There were lots of certificates awarded for subject achievements, SumDog Challenges and the Primary Maths Challenge. Our Golden Table boys for November were Lukesh, George, Tom and Jonathan.

The assembly finished with the customary Honour Points table which showed Derby House with a clear lead above Atkinson, Bemrose and Blackton.