Mrs Genders’ Year 6 class have had a brilliant time in their design and technology lesson designing a brand new flavoured biscuit to appeal directly to children.

The class split into teams to research, develop and design their product, and then pitch their product to a panel of judges.

They began by taste-testing current biscuits to see which flavours and textures were the most popular. They also then spent an afternoon making biscuits so that they could understand the process for a basic biscuit.

Following on from this they conducted market research and incorporated the results into the design and development of their own ultimate delicious biscuit before moving on to the design of the packaging and pricing and then the final task of preparing their dragons-den style pitch for the judges.

The judging panel comprised Head of Junior School, Mrs Sly, along with Mrs Simpson. They put the teams through their paces as they presented their biscuit – which included taste-testing. Eisah and James’s team ‘EJ’ were declared the winners with their biscuit Chocolatey Madness.

Mrs Sly said: “Chocolatey Madness was very indulgent. It had a sweet taste which was crispy on the outside but softer in the middle. EJ’s pitch used good, relevant slides and they had a clear USP which was quadruple chocolate.”

Eisah, aged 11, said: “We set up a survey to find what people liked. Most liked chocolate. Our favourite part was making the biscuit. For the presentation we made a poster and slides. It was quite nerve-racking presenting but we scored 17.5 out of 20 in total which we were really proud of.”

James, aged 10, added: “We learnt that when you design something it doesn’t always work out like that and you have to adapt things. When we made our biscuit we had to change what we’d designed as some things were just too hard to create.”

Mrs Genders said: “My class love biscuits, and so this has been such a popular topic! It’s been great to inspire them to think not just about what the biscuit looks and tastes like, but also the best way to price to generate a profit and ensure maximum sales.”