What have skiing, tennis, the Greek gods and mindfulness got in common? They were all reasons to celebrate at Junior School’s January Achievement Assembly.

Kian (Year 4) proudly showed us his Level 1, 3 star, skiing medal he gained whilst on holiday over christmas, while George (Year 4) told us about his recent success in an orange ball tennis tournament. There were eight players and he was really pleased to win, the score in the final being 10-6.

Sam (Year 5) and Teo (Year 6) both showed us their music certificates. Sam has achieved his grade 1 piano and Teo grade 1 trombone. Both take their instrument classes at school.

Year 3 pupil Abhi learns Aikido at a local club and has been doing it for about a year. He’s just earned his yellow belt and already has two tags towards the next belt, green. He needs nine tags to move on.

Mrs Simpson presented her certificates for the recent LAMDA examinations. The LAMDA examiner said how impressed she was with all of the 23 boys who took their examinations this year in speaking, acting and prize.

Mrs Sly awarded her raffle ticket prizes. Raffle tickets are given to boys over the month for exceptional work, effort or kindness. This month Krishan (Year 6) impressed with his DT project on controllable vehicles. He put such a lot of effort in to his project which compared and contrasted two types of vehicles. Similarly, Eisah, also Year 6, went above and beyond what was required in his Greek Gods project to create an astounding piece of work.

Adam (Year 4) showed calmness and maturity when he dialled 999 for an ambulance to help his mum who’d fallen over, and Ben (Year 3), a regular at Minecraft club, helped new starter Ryan out by showing him the ropes and guiding him through the intricacies of Minecraft.

Mrs Jackson has been teaching Year 4 the Paws B course on mindfulness to help them become more aware of their thoughts, feelings, and body sensations so that pupils can savour the moment and are better able to manage their emotions. She presented the boys with their certificates at the Achievement Assembly as they had all successfully completed the course.

Finally we moved on to the latest scores in the Honour Point race. Derby are in the lead with 1495 points.