Derby Grammar School A Level Physicists Paul Phipps and Elliot Butterworth have successfully completed the British Physics Olympiad Round 1 competition, achieving outstanding results which place them as two of the top performers in the UK.

Following success in the recent A2 Physics Challenge, Paul and Elliot were eligible to progress to the British Olympiad Round 1. The test took place in November, and consisted of two papers over 2 hours and 45 minutes. The papers are designed to be a challenge of skill, ability and preparedness, rather than an A Level replica.

Students achieving a certificate of any colour in the BPhO are very able physicists.

The results were recently announced and certificates presented to the students by Mr Roger Waller in a Special Awards assembly earlier this week. Elliot performed outstandingly well, achieving a Gold Top 50 award. This signifies him as one of the top 5% of UK-wide entrants.

Paul also impressed, achieving a Bronze I award, and so one of the top 13% of entrants.

As one of the top 50 performers Elliot was invited to complete the British Physics Olympiad Round 2 paper. The results of this are due imminently and if successful will see him through to the Oxford training camp for the fifteen best competing physicists in the country.

Miss Trubilina, Head of Physics at Derby Grammar School said: “I am so proud of Elliot and Paul. They are dedicated physicists, reflected in the fact they willingly arranged to catch up on lessons they had to miss on the examination day!

“It is a pleasure to work with students who demonstrate such a love for the subject, so much so that both are intending to study Physics at University.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for Elliot in the hope he makes it through to the Oxford training camp.”