Derby Grammar School pupils have spent the day learning about business, creating their own product and then pitching it in our own Dragon’s Den.

The pupils, all in Years 7, 8 and 9 spent the day in the work-related event which is aligned to the careers education that runs throughout the curriculum.

The day was organised by Mrs Burton, Assistant Head of Sixth Form (Higher Education and Careers) and facilitated by the school’s independent careers advisor, Louise Jackson. The morning saw them working on teambuilding and innovation activities with a challenge of building the highest spaghetti tower that supported a marshmallow. The winning tower was 42cm high.

After this the boys split in to mixed age group teams so that they could plan their product and prepare their pitch. Their brief was to design a bottle and something to put in it.

After some feverish planning and rehearsing the twelve teams all pitched to the Dragons, and the rest of the year groups, outlining what their product was, their target market and how they would market it.

All elements of the day are tailored not only to learn about business and enterprise but to enhance their understanding of finance and the world of work, as well as improving their confidence, communication and teamwork skills.

The winning teams were announced at the end of the day, with the Dragons explaining that all pitches were excellent and there wasn’t much between them which made their job very hard.

In joint second place were CCP with their colour changing paint product and Triple Ripple with their multi flavoured soft drink.

The winners were announced as Kare Gentle who came up with a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner product that was child friendly, vegan and organic.

This team pipped everyone else to the post as they involved everyone in their presentation which was both focused and fun, even including an advert that three of the team members acted out. They also had an excellent product and a well thought out marketing strategy.

Mrs Burton said: “We’ve had an excellent day. It’s so valuable for the boys to spend a day doing this type of activity which builds so many skills and gets them used to thinking in an enterprising way.

All of the presentations we’ve seen today have been very impressive, not only in the thought and effort that’s gone in to devising the product and market, but in how the boys have so confidently presented their ideas.”