The evening is a true showcase of the performance and musical talent we have in Junior School and culminates in the four Houses performing their House poem, complete with costumes, props and occasionally instruments!

Poetry and individual musical performances are chosen from each House by the members of that House ahead of the competition evening. They performed their pieces to an amassed audience of Junior School pupils, staff, parents and friends, as well as the three judges: Hayley Simpson, Sam C and Abigail Davies.

Our eight Year 3 and 4 House Poetry finalists performed a variety of short poems from George’s winning hilarious performance of I Made A Noise This Morning by Jack Prelutsky, to Denny’s dark Alone on Sea by Allenika.

This was followed by the Year 3 and 4 House Music finalists who performed on drums, electric guitar and guitar. Congratulations to the winner, Adam, who performed Born to Be Wild extremely proficiently on electric guitar.

Year 5 and 6 House Poetry was a close-run competition with some outstanding performances across the board. The judges commented on the clarity of delivery, excellent facial expressions and the fluency and humour in each recital. The winning performance was from Sam Cross with his brilliant recital of Chocolate Cake by Michael Rosen.

Two of the eight finalists in this category had written their own poems. Alex performed What Lies Beneath The Ground based on his experiences fossil hunting, and Sam performed his poem entitled A Red Dragon. This really impressed the judges who praised not only their performance but their writing skills.

The final individual competition of the evening was Year 5 and 6 House Music. This was an incredible display of talent with performances on guitar and piano, as well as Joshua who sang a pop medley to a backing track accompaniment.

Krishan was the winner with his Rock Medley on electric guitar. It included many old classics that the parents in the audience were familiar with, if not the Junior School audience!

The final performance was the group House Poem. Atkinson started us off with Harry The Happy Mouse, followed by Blackton’s Windy Nights. Bemrose performed The Three Little Pigs whilst the winning performance was from Derby with There Was An Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe.

The evening was rounded off by Head of Junior School, Mrs Sly, who said: “I am so impressed by each and every one of you who got up on stage to perform this evening. It takes an incredible amount of courage and confidence. Our youngest performer was just 7 years old.

I must say that my favourite part has to be the House Poems. I love to see how much you boys are enjoying your performance and working so well with one another. Well done everyone.”

Once all the scores were added up the final results were announced at the Junior School Achievement Assembly – Blackton won the House Music competition, and Derby won House Poetry.