Four of our A Level Biologists were congratulated and awarded their British Biology Olympiad certificates this morning by Dr Norris.

It was only a few months ago that the Biologists received their Intermediate Biology Olympiad Certificates, a challenge they completed at the end of their Year 12 studies.

Following this, four students went on to undertake the full Biology Olympiad in February. They sat two multiple choice papers under examination conditions.

Raj and Luca achieved Bronze awards whilst Arvin and Huzzy achieved Highly Commended awards. All four are holding offers to study medicine next year at University.

Mr Lowden, the Biology teacher, congratulated the students on their achievement. He said: “The British Biology Olympiad is a hard competition, designed to really stretch you. Well done for completing the papers, and for doing so well.”

This was echoed by Dr Norris who added: “I am impressed that you chose to sit the competition as it was entirely voluntary and outside of the normal run of things. It shows your commitment not only to your subject but to your studies in general.”