The Primary School’s garden is located in the beautiful grounds of Rykneld Hall and provides a great setting to support learning, as well as to have some fun and relaxation.

From planting and growing flowers and vegetables, to pond dipping and creating wormeries, the garden is used for all sorts of activities.

So it was with great excitement the new shed was unveiled at the start of term, replacing the old shed which was a little tired and leaked a lot!

Mrs Monk, Year 3 teacher, said: “Our garden is a valuable out-of-classroom resource which is used a lot, especially in the summer term. The old shed was becoming a bit ramshackle, yet we need it for storing all of our equipment.

We are so grateful to the PTA for funding the new shed, and have ‘moved in’ already!”

Year 3 pupil Bill said: “I like being in the garden and feeling fresh air on my face.” Charlie added: “I like the pond in our garden and the garlic that we’ve planted” and Ryan said “I just love being outdoors.”

Caroline Euston, Chair of the PTA, added: “Our parent body is very generous here at school supporting the events and activities that PTA runs.

It gives us enormous pleasure to be able to support requests like this which are brought to us not just from the teachers, but from the School Council – so the pupils themselves.”