The Junior School Achievement Assembly took place in the grand setting of the Sixth Form Centre today – a perfect location for celebrating so much effort, talent and perseverance amongst our Year 3 to 6 pupils.

All the boys in Year 5 received their Bikeability Level 1 certificates and Year 6 received their Level 2 certificates. They had spent the week learning and practising their road safety skills on the hard court and then on the road, before heading off to the Tissington Trail for a day of cycling.

Shivam impressed Miss Devine so much with his determination and perseverance on the Tissington Trail that he was awarded a special certificate for his extra effort.

Outside of school we had a number of boys share their achievements with us. Lukesh has won a medal for his football; Daniel, Teo and Tom all took part in the Colour-Blast Dash which raised money for the Laura Centre.

Alex (Year 5) has won a special award from his rugby club, Melbourne RFC, and Danny proudly showed us his certificate for winning his piano solo class at Derby Arts Festival with a fantastic 88 marks.

Year 6 pupil Eisah is a budding artist and proudly showed us some of his stunning work, while Ben (Year 3) is a dedicated rugby player and showed us his award for being the Players Player of the Year for his U8 team at Burton RFC.

The beaming faces of Ben and Bill (Year 3) and Denny and Christopher (Year 4) were because they were so happy to have been awarded their pen licenses at the assembly. Mrs Sly said: “I cannot believe how much progress you have all made this year.”

The Achievement Assembly also recognises the hard work and effort the boys put in to their school work. This month Mrs Sly congratulated Daniel (Year 4) on his incredible work writing up the experiment on non-newtonian fluids, which also showed his depth of understanding. Definitely a budding scientist!

Krishan impressed Mrs Sly with his detailed write-up of the RS visit to the three churches. Mrs Sly said: “His work was incredible – clearly presented, thorough, neat and enhanced with pictures.”

George (Year 4) was rewarded for the excellent reading record work he’s completed this month, and Ryan (Year 3) for the progress in his phonics work.

There were certificates awarded for topic work and Honour Points, before the latest results in the Honour Point race were announced. Derby still leads – just.