Our Year 10 geographers have been out and about over two days putting in to practice what they’ve been learning in the classroom and bringing to life their physical and human geography topics.

On Thursday they spent the day at Hornsea and Mappleton looking at coastal erosion. This included measuring groyne height to assess the effectiveness of them reducing longshore drift as well as bi-polar analysis of hard engineering strategies to see how effective they are.

On Friday they travelled to Stratford-upon-Avon where they were undertaking analysis of the town’s leisure facilities for young people.

The task forms part of the data collection exercise for the GCSE paper so that the pupils can talk about the process of carrying out the survey, collecting and analysing the results, and can reflect on their experience in their examination.

The early results indicate that managing the coastline in one place leads to greater erosion elsewhere along the coast. This was seen at Mappleton where coastal engineering stops.

They also show that Stratford-upon Avon does offer a range of tourist and leisure activities. The full results will be analysed over the next few weeks.

Oliver Neiland took part in the trip and said: “I was amazed at the rates of coastal erosion at Mappleton and how the coast is managed. It helped to see what I have been taught in the classroom being brought alive!”

Manveer Kalirai added: “It is amazing that Stratford-upon-Avon draws so many international tourists. There were so many visitors from China and USA”