Year 7 have spent a day exploring Jodrell Bank as part of an introduction to this half term’s topic on astrophysics, a subject that truly ignites our pupils’ passion for physics!

The Jodrell Bank Observatory hosts four radio telescopes, the main one being the Lovell Telescope, which is the third largest steerable radio telescope in the world.

As part of the visit the boys spent time at the Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre to find out how the Lovell Telescope works and what it observes in space. They also spent time at the Space Pavilion observing the live data feed from the Lovell telescope and listening to interviews with some of the scientists and engineers who work at Jodrell Bank.

They saw a hands-on model of a black hole, heard the ‘sound’ of the first 100 million years from real data and learnt about some of the biggest telescopes from around the world.

The group took part in two workshops during the day. One was about the force of gravity and in the other they found out about the upcoming James Webb Space Telescope which will observe the universe in the infrared.

Joseph said: “Seeing the Lovell telescope was incredible. It was huge – when it was first installed people thought it was a satellite.”

Oliver added: “We’ve just started the astrophysics topic and are learning about the planets so it was really interesting to find out more at Jodrell Bank.”

Miss Trubilina, Head of Physics, organised the trip. She said: “We have had a wonderful day of scientific exploration!

Year 7 are about to begin their astrophysics topic where we will be looking at space, the planets and stars; how they are made and how the universe began. This topic is above and beyond what is required in the national curriculum and we are lucky to be able to offer opportunities like this to our pupils.

It’s this type of activity that really ignites the boys’ interest in physics and science.”