Are we really at the end of the school year already? Mrs Sly could hardly believe it as she hosted the final Achievement Assembly of the year for Junior School.

Mrs Sly always likes to start Achievement Assembly with a quote, and especially so if one of the pupils has suggested it. This month Joshua supplied a fantastic quote which was “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” 

He explained that Sir Edmund Hillary’s quote is all about overcoming hurdles. It’s about mind over matter and believing in yourself that you can achieve something.

This is exactly what we celebrate each month in Achievement Assembly; our boys, their talent and what each individual achieves which is motivated entirely by themselves and what they want to achieve. 

And at the last assembly of the year we had a lot of things to celebrate. Good job we’d added some more time to this one!

We began with achievements outside of school. Ben (Year 3) showed us his three trophies for football. He plays for Belvedere Park FC U8 team and one of his trophies was for the best goal of the season trophy for a goal he scored with his right foot from the halfway line.

Daniel (Year 4) proudly showed us his medal for running eleven Park Runs – which is the equivalent of a half marathon, while Srujan (Year 4) showed us his certificate for playing the piano at the Derby School of Music Summer Showcase.

Tom (Year 5) has been busy auditioning for the UK tour of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert in London and will find out very soon if he’s got his part. His brother Sam (Year 6) seriously impressed us with his book showing all of his athletic meets so far this year and how he fared in each. In his U13 category he’s 9th in the UK for the 800m, and top in the Midlands.

And finally Charlie (Year 3) told us all about his adventure weekend at cub camp, which finished with him being invested as a cub scout.

Within school a number of achievements were recognised and celebrated, including Anish, Tom and Reehan (Year 5). Mrs Penny was amazed by the standard of their writing about their trip to the Black Country Museum and their memories of the day, including how children got stuck up chimneys, and how fathers always ate first as they needed energy for their work.

Daniel (Year 4) impressed Mrs Sly with the science tests he’d done at home making circuits and testing conductivity, and Mrs Monk was super-impressed by Abhi (Year 3) who used excellent punctuation and brackets in his letter to Harry Potter. And Spencer (Year 5) showed such fantastic improvements in his spag test scores recently that Mrs Genders couldn’t help giving him a special mention.

After the awarding of certificates for outstanding topic work – including Lukesh and Alex (Year 3) who got ‘Officially Amazing’ certificates for all of the improvement they have shown recently in maths – and Honour Point certificates, the results of the Honour Point race were announced. The leaders, and so winners for 2018-19, were Bemrose.  

Finally, Mrs Sly thanked School Council for all of their hard work over the year. Their last idea was to put everyone who had won a raffle ticket during the course of a year in to a hat and draw out an overall winner. Mrs Baldwin had the honour of making the draw, and the winner was…..Tom Cross.