Year 10 spent their last week of school on work experience. With employers from all sorts of sectors, from music to entertainment, from accountancy to engineering, we were looking forward to finding out how they all got on when they were back in school today.

Ben Masterson spent his week with Hot House Music School. They’ve recently undertaken considerable expansion and Ben has been travelling round the UK with them this week. One of his visits was to Hot House Swansea, after which he wrote a press release which was issued to the local media:

Summer Music Fun!

The pupils at Mayals Junior school today were exited and enthralled to receive a visit from Hot House Music Swansea, which is part of an international network of music schools. Hot House music has a remit to offer every child in the UK the opportunity to access live music and become involved in playing music.

Hot House Music truly brought a ray of sunshine to the students of this school with an action packed assembly, which consisted of lots of singing, playing and participation from the pupils. Even the adults were challenged by the brain gym as the team taught them games and mental exercises to encourage an agile mind. Music has been proved to help all areas of neural development and learning.

The pupils of this school were already “buzzing” because of the “beechfest”, which was celebration for the Head Teacher Mr Beech who is in his final weeks of teaching before he moves on in his career and towards the end of the brilliant assembly, Hot House invited one of the pupils up to try out the trombone which the pupil picked up instantly and in less than two minutes was playing ‘Eye of the Tiger’ with the Hot House staff which will be a memory he will never forget.

Hot House left all the pupils of Mayals Junior school, from nursery to year six with delight.

Later that day Hot House also visited another school, called Trallwn Primary School, to do an assembly, which just like the last one was a smash hit. All the pupils loved witnessing the variety of instruments and genres, it was so good even the nursery children came to have a listen to the jungle books “Bare Necessities”.

Hot House Music Swansea had a wonderful time performing for these two outstanding junior schools and hope to be back after the summer for more music groups and lessons.

Jon Eno, founder of Hot House Music, said: “Ben has been excellent all week on his work placement. We’re really pleased with what he’s done, and are proud to share with you this example of his work.”