At the Primary School assembly on Wednesday Dr Norris announced the Primary School Prefect team for this academic year.

Alexander Dilistone was awarded the Head Boy role at the recent Speech Night, and since then the Year 6 boys have been waiting with baited breath for the remainder of the roles to be announced.

Mrs Sly, Head of Primary School, said: “The Year 6 Prefects play an important role in Primary School life, taking on responsibilities in key areas and helping me to ensure the smooth running of the school. Each of our Prefects is a role model for the rest of the school, and is always there to offer help, support and advice for each and every pupil.

This year, with our new infant pupils joining us we have created some new Prefect roles specifically to focus on helping our younger boys.”

Alexander is looking forward to his Head Boy role. He said: “The Head Boy candidates had to speak to the rest of the school in an assembly and tell them why we thought we would make a good Head Boy. I was a bit nervous doing this, but it was good as well as it gave me an adrenaline rush.

I then had an interview with Dr Norris. She was very friendly and I enjoyed talking to her.  She asked me what I thought I would bring to the school.

I’m looking forward to having some ideas for clubs, and to introducing some clubs specially for the new infant boys.

I knew that the Head Boy would be announced at Speech Night. I was quite nervous and surprised when Dr Norris said my name as I wasn’t expecting to be picker. I felt really pleased. It was all a bit of a blur as I made my way up to the stage and collected my badge.

All of my classmates congratulated me, and mum and dad gave me a big hug.”

The full Prefect team for Primary School is:

Pupil Role
Alexander D Head Boy
Harjan N Deputy Head Boy – Junior School
Nicholas P Deputy Head Boy – Junior School
Tom C Deputy Head Boy – Infant School
Alex K Deputy Head Boy – Infant School
Arjan D Atkinson House Prefect
Spencer H Bemrose House Prefect & Charities Prefect
Sam W Blackton House Prefect
Reehan W Derby House Prefect
George B Sports Prefect
Harvyn C Sports Prefect
Iósaif D Sports Prefect
Anish V Charities & Music Prefect
Tom R Arts & Crafts Prefect
Mikeli U Library Prefect
Joshvir R Library Prefect