Year 3 have been out on their first school trip together this week to the National Stone Centre with Mrs Monk and Miss Devine.

The boys in Year 3 are investigating rocks and soils as part of their science topic this half term, so what better place to bring it all to life than the National Stone Centre in Wirksworth.

They spent the day with the team at the Stone Centre who guided them through various activities including making casts of fossils, panning for gemstones and trying out the earthquake sensor.

Jack said: “I enjoyed doing the quiz in the exhibition” while Jayan, and Tristan’s favourite activity was gem panning and finding fool’s gold.

The earthquake sensor was also a popular activity. Jacob said: “The earthquake sensor was really good fun, We had to jump up and down on a mat.” Harley added: “There was a sensor under the mat and it sent a signal up to the screen which showed a zig-zag line.”

All of the boys agreed it was a good day out with words including “great”, “amazing” and “epic” being used to describe it – as well as lots of happy faces!

Mrs Monk added: “It was a pleasure to take such an eager group of boys on the trip today. They are all so eager to learn and had a fantastic time. Seeing things in action like this really helps what we learn in the classroom.

Not only that, I was incredibly impressed by how well behaved and polite the boys were throughout the day.”