The Derby Grammar School Harvest Festival took place this week, led by our school chaplain, Rev Paul Taylor.

Harvest is a time for thanks and is a tradition that began over 5000 years ago. This year we give thanks to our pupils, parents and staff for your generosity once again. You never fail to amaze us and this year is no exception.

Rev Paul said: “When you look here on stage at what you have donated I am staggered. There are so many people who don’t have what you and I have, and your donations for them will make a huge difference.

We should all think about giving, being generous and helping others. Sometimes we need to dig a bit deeper to help others, and you have certainly done that today. I am incredibly proud of you – you have all risen to the challenge of making a difference to those who have nothing.”

We were joined by Grace Harrison and Claire Ragg from YMCA Derbyshire. Grace thanked all of the pupils. She told them that the YMCA supports over 300 homeless people per year and these donations will make a huge difference.

James (Year 12) read a piece from the bible during the service and Year 6 pupils, Spencer and Anish, led the school in prayer. The Senior School Choir performed ‘What A Wonderful World’.
Following the service all of the donations were packed into the YMCA minibus, via a human chain, and are now at the YMCA base on London Road ready to for distribution.