Mrs Penny’s Year 4 class are learning all about rainforests this term so that they can understand more about how animals and vegetation adapt to live successfully in a tropical rainforest environment. So what better place to go and find out more about it than Twycross Zoo?

The day is designed to inspire the boys about the natural world around them. They learn about the differences between herbivores, carnivores and omnivores; about evolution, how fossils have given us clues to the past and why some animals have changed so much over a long period of time; biodiversity, and life in the rainforest.

The boys loved visiting the zoo animals and watching what they got up to. The unanimous favourite was the bonobo monkey enclosure. Alex said: “We named one Ninja because it could swing really fast.”

Abhi explained: “We learnt about the rainforest and wrote newspaper reports and designed posters to tell people that they shouldn’t chop down the rainforest because it kills habitats and stops the vegetation producing oxygen.”

Mrs Penny said: “We had a brilliant day at Twycross! The boys took part in an interactive educational workshop where they were encouraged to touch unusual animals and discuss the way their bodies had adapted for the rainforest environment.

Everyone was encouraged to stroke the Madagascan hissing cockroach which enabled some of them to overcome their anxieties about insects. They were very pleased with themselves, and rightly so.”