Our Infant School children love Friday afternoons; it’s Enrichment Afternoon which is led by Miss Devine.

Enrichment Afternoon offers a structured alternative to everyday school learning. It allows the boys to explore various topics and interests that involve ‘learning by doing’. It’s a perfect time for them to develop new skills in a fun and safe environment so that they learn creatively, both as an individual and as part of a group

Activities that have taken place so far this term include decorating biscuits, making handprint pictures, modelling clay and baking bread. The clay and bread activities were both based on hedgehog designs as the group had recently read the story, Hattie the Hedgehog, who was using Autumn prepare for the ‘big sleep’. Now the leaves are turning, the latest afternoon saw the boys creating potato-print autumn leaves pictures.

Miss Devine said: “I really enjoy leading Enrichment Afternoon. The activities we plan are designed to enhance the boy’s communication skills, initiative and the ability to problem solve. They develop these skills without even realising it as they are enjoying what we do so much.

Over the year we will be covering all sorts of things, from cookery sessions, arts and crafts, and computing to PSHE, gardening, outdoor activities and free play. They all allow and encourage them to use their imaginations.”