Derby Grammar School has taken delivery of seven new visualisers which have been funded by the PTA to be used in teaching across the school.

A visualiser is a digital camera fixed on the end of an arm which, using the controls on the base unit, can zoom in and out and freeze and capture an image of whatever is positioned under the camera.

Most of the time they will be pointing downwards onto a piece of work but they can be positioned to point in any direction.

Ms Townshend uses one regularly in her chemistry lessons. She says: “They are mostly used to stream live video of my work but it has huge advantages in that it allows me to model working using the same resources the pupils have.

We can discuss a pupils’ work in class constructively so we can all see what is good about it and how we might improve it. I use it a lot for science demonstrations so that pupils can see them more clearly.”

The pupils are loving the new tools. Ali in Year 7 said: “The visualisers are great, they help us to learn much better as I can see what’s happening. It puts a picture in our head.”

Caroline Euston, Chair of the PTA said: “The PTA are delighted to fund requests from staff and pupils, such as the visualisers, which help enrich learning and really brings education to life. It’s made all the better when we hear what a positive contribution they are making to school-life.”