Musa is in Year 5 and takes a keen interest in everything that’s going on around him. So we were delighted when he booked a place to attend the recent Life and Times At 10 Downing Street talk given by Old Derbeian, Jimmy McLoughlin.

He enjoyed it so much he’s written about the evening and what he learnt from it. We’d like to share it with you.

Musa’s reflections

The stories behind the most famous door in the world are fascinating – and we were able to get a glimpse by meeting Mr Jimmy McLoughlin OBE, the former special adviser for business to Mrs Theresa May. He was awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) by Mrs Theresa May in her resignation honours list.

We met Mr McLoughlin on 14 November 2019 in the Hall. There were lots who attended – including sixth formers and one Year 5 (me!), Dr Norris, Mr Waller (previous Headmaster at DGS), the Mayor of Derby, Sir Patrick McLoughlin MP (Jimmy’s father) and relatives of David Walker. This was the fourth lecture in memory of David Walker.

Mr McLoughlin’s stories were funny and interesting.

My favourite story was the motorcade on its way to JFK Airport when suddenly, it broke down! Luckily or unluckily, the police arrived, demanded ID for who they were.

Unfortunately, all their passports were being held in another car, those cars had gone on ahead! Blurting out, they said, “We work for Prime Minister May. We need to get to JFK Airport ASAP!”

The police laughed at them, “That’s new! I’ll give you credit for that!”

Fumbling for their phones, somebody frantically found photos of their meeting with Donald Trump. Straight away, the police realised they were telling the truth. Rushing them to the airport, they ended up following the French Prime Minister, Emmanuel Macron’s motorcade to the plane.

It was then time for questions and answers. I asked him what he would do next in his career. Answering this, the audience erupted in laughter when he replied, “Have you been talking to my wife? Great question, I’m thinking of leaving politics and going into business.”

Fascinating facts and funny stories made for a great evening. I think Downing Street could be nominated for the eighth wonder of the world!

Derby Grammar School - Jimmy McLoughlin
Ralph Holden (President of Old Derbeian Society), Councillor Frank Harwood, Mayor of Derby, Jimmy McLoughlin OBE