The fundraising activities for the Tanzania 2020 project are about to get a huge boost as the school prepares for its annual Charities Week.

Charities Week is organised by the Year 12 sixth formers who are off to Gedeli B School in Tanzania next July.

This year we have a jam-packed timetable of activities. Some are old favourites like the Donut Eating Competition and the Cake Sale, and some are new for this year, like the Kahoot Quiz and Sponsored Run.

All of the money raised goes towards the Tanzania project. In the seven years this has run we’ve raised over £90,000 and just some of the things it has funded include five new classrooms, toilets, running water, electricity and a sports field.

Did you know that for just £1 we can supply a child with a pencil and 10 exercise books which will last a year. Without exercise books children are not allowed to attend school.

Just £6 buys a ball to play with on the sports field, and £10 pays for a desk and chair for the classroom.

Mrs Charnock, one of the Tanzania Project leads, said: “The sixth formers have really put their hearts and souls in to finding lots of new activities for Charities Week this year. We’re hoping to raise lots or money which will culminate at the end of term with the school production, School of Rock.”

Take a look at what’s happening over Charities Week. It’s running on November 25, 26 and 27 and then again on December 2 and 3. Please support us and remember to bring your money in to school so you can take part and join in the fun. Who knows, you might end up winning the raffle to be Head For A Day!

Derby Grammar School - Charities Week